About us

In 1930, the 40-year-old Harland Sanders started his first business career that he first served to travelers with his fried chicken secret recipe in the petrol station. His delicious fried chicken is now known as the world's leading KFC brand, serving 22,621 branches in more than 140 countries and serving over 12 million users a day. (Statistics on 2018) Yum! Brands Inc owns the KFC and that is one of the largest company in the world which opens seven new restaurants every day. That shows how powerful Yum Brands Inc on this market.

Why do people love KFC's delicious roasted chickens?

The main secret of the most delicious KFC brand of roast chicken is to make the same standards and tastes all over the world, and to provide customers with a new day from fresh kitchen. KFC selects international standards to the product according and keeps the process of storage, thawing, tasting, and burning. In addition, international standards are strictly adhered to in all activities, such as cleaning, service, training and development. This is a reason why do people choose us.

KFC's first Mongolian branch of company was opened with 35 employees in 2013. Today, it has over 600 employees. Also, providing flexible working conditions and time-shifting opportunities for students and graduates give them the opportunity to gain experience and earn their income.

The KFC brand in Mongolia represents Ulaanbaatar as metropolitan city and which is the gateway from world brands to Mongolia.

  • 1890
    KFC mongolia KFC mongolia

    Harland Sanders is born in the city of Henri IV, Indiana.

  • 1930
    KFC mongolia KFC mongolia

    Colonel Sanders runs a gas station at the age of 50 in Kentucky, where he first opened his first restaurant, Sanders court & Cafe, with his frying chickens.

  • 1936
    KFC mongolia KFC mongolia

    Governor of Kentucky, Colonel Colonel / Harland Sanders, who credits him to honor the state.

  • 1940
    KFC mongolia KFC mongolia

    At the age of 50, at the age of 50, Original Recipe (11 secret herbs) was created.

  • 1952
    KFC mongolia KFC mongolia

    The Colonel Harland Sanders establishes his first franchise agreement.

  • 1980
    KFC mongolia KFC mongolia

    The Colonel, Harland Sanders, has been advised through branches opened in many parts of the world.

  • 2013
    KFC mongolia KFC mongolia

    May 19, 2013 opens its first KFC-Business Plaza.

  • Одоо
    KFC mongolia KFC mongolia

    KFC now has 12 branches in Mongolia, of which 3 (KFC-Peace Center, KFC-Home Plaza, KFC-Sansar) are available at Auto KFC branches.

KFC has attracted consumers' hearts with a vibrant world of light and their family, friends, loved ones come here and make lovely and happy memories.